Saturday, January 31, 2009

When it rains, it pours

Surprisingly this blog entry isn't about the weather. It's about God's goodness. If you read my last entry, you saw that my sister finally got news that a birth mom chose her and Brad for her June baby. They're getting a baby, and I'm going to be an aunt!!! I'm so excited and so very relieved that a whole other kind of wait is in front of her.

Back to the title. Our hearts overflowed with joy and relief at Nic's good news. So when she called from her vacation last night and said that another mom had chosen them and that baby was due in 3 WEEKS, we could hardly believe it. Of course they were considering adopting both, but after some sleep (after their long day of travel) and discussion, they decided to stick with the June baby.
Either way, God is good. Even when we're waiting. Or disappointed. Or thinking we really had a good plan and could His be better? He's good and always proves true.

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Life as I know it said...

Oh my awesome! I would have considered adopting both too!