Friday, January 9, 2009

Looking in a Mirror

Today Luke did something that I know he gets from me. I casually look for these things in my kids. Like how Norah's little nose turns red. Mine totally does that when I'm hot or cold or pregnant. Or how Luke likes to know what the day looks like so he knows what to expect. Totally like his mom.

Today I was fixing him mac n cheese upon request and unloading groceries at the same time. He saw that I bought him some yogurt, so I let him start eating that before his mac was done. After I served him the mac, he came into the kitchen with his spoon and was saying something I didn't quite get. All the while he was trying to get his spoon in the sink. He wanted to wash the yogurt off the spoon so he could eat his mac. Totally him momma.

On a side note, did you know that Willow Tree figurines are a great size for chewing on? I can see why - they're easy to hold and have little heads that can fit in kids' mouths. Both my kids really like getting to mine, and most of my figures have been decapitated and had to have glue gun surgery. Norah's getting into them as I type...

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