Monday, January 5, 2009

Don't be deceived...

I keep telling myself not to be deceived during this seemingly easy time with Norah. Don't be deceived that it would be easy to have a third baby. Because looking 2 years ahead to potty training, I'm feel as much like a failure as I do a success at Norah's nice schedule.

Here's why it seems easy:

Norah wakes up at almost 8 am, jumping in her bed and grinning like you're the only person she ever wanted to see.

She eats breakfast, plays and naps at 10ish.

Then she eats a snack and plays til lunch. Which now consists of pretty much what we are eating plus her bottle.

Then she plays and naps again. Sometimes at the same time as her brother.

More playing and supper. Then she fusses from about 6-7 because she'd really like to be sleeping but I want her to skip a mini nap and just go to bed at 730ish.

That's a typical day. She eats when we eat, she eats what we eat. She naps and sleeps all night. She plays with her brother til he frustrates her, then wants to be held.

See how it can be deceiving???

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Life as I know it said...

What an angel! I love her.