Sunday, June 28, 2009


When I text Nic about Audrey Juliet I usually just type "aj." The other day it occurred to me that "aj" also abbreviates Aunt Jac! It doesn't take much to excite me in all this aunt business!

Nic and Brad brought Audrey home on Sat. the 27th at 9 pm. My family + Brad's parents waited at Nic's house for them to get home. We enjoyed the great treat basket Nic left, played with Luke and Norah and just waited.

What a moment when Momma Nic walked in, full of joy, finally satisfied, with her husband and brand new baby girl.

I tried to be patient as the grandpas and grandmas held her, then I finally got my turn. I know the joy of holding a brand new baby, of feeling that contentment. This time was sweet in its own way b/c there aren't the same rules for being an aunt as there are for being a mom. As a mom, I want things orderly and organized, to be in a routine. More than that, both times I have been a new mom, I have found myself worrying about how much they eat, when they sleep, how long they sleep, how long I can sleep... The list goes on and I'm pretty sure the worrying won't ever stop, it will just change topics. Anyway, those things aren't my priority with this baby. I can hold her while she sleeps as long as I want. The rules are different. I'm really liking this!

Another sweet thing about that night was watching Luke with Audrey. He really had a grasp on Audrey coming, on how we'd been waiting a long time. And he was so glad she was here. This week he said things like, "Nic be so happy" and "her be so cute." He'd had enough practice with Norah to know how to be gentle and sweet. Good boy:)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Encouraging and exposing my children to godly things and people is very high on my Things- I-Want-To-Do-as-a-Mom list. So when the children's church committee was discussing vacation bible school, I was excited about the opportunity for Luke. The week's activities focused on us being God's treasure.
Capt. Biddy and Annie the Fierce:)
did an awesome job getting the kids' attention.
This was Luke's first time to really have to pay attention and he did alright. His expression here cracks me up.

Norah loves blurps

Luke started giving Norah blurps on her belly. The greatest part is that Norah loves it! Now she goes around raising people's shirts and trying to blurp on them:)

Father's Day 09

We celebrated Father's Day last week on Friday in case my sister called and her baby was coming. Thankfully Pup got off work early b/c he had too much overtime already, so we had the whole evening to hang out. Earlier in the day, Luke helped me pick out a frisbee golf disc for Daddy. He picked a hot pink one with a Transformer-looking guy on the front. Then I took Norah into the comic book store to get Daddy a gift certificate and dvd. She wouldn't let go of the Transformers dvd. She probably recognized the characters b/c we watch it all the time! Anyway, Daddy loved all his gifts (and so did Luke!).

Some Alone Time

One thing I like about having Luke and Norah only two years apart is that they take baths together. And they really like it!
Poor Norah deals with Luke pouring cups of water over her head and getting her toys snatched away. Still, she likes bathtime. The other day I gave her a bath all by herself and she REALLY liked that one:)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Nagging Thoughts

Often I am overwhelmed by the community that we have here in Murray. I love our church and the people I've become very close to. I've finally learned that real intimacy happens when you open up to people and let them see the real you. The you that has flaws and issues and gets in a bad mood when she doesn't get her way. The you that's obsessed with chocolate and Coke and misses the way things used to be.

Ugly thoughts are nagging at the back of my mind today. Like do I really know the people that I think I do? That makes my heart heavy. I hope I do. Today I'm missing my friend I thought I knew so well. A friend that maybe I do know but am wondering about lately. A friend that I've enjoyed my favorite things with - the beach, scrapbooking, and sharing my sweet kids. I sure hope things get better soon.