Sunday, February 15, 2009


The word for my relationship with Kristin escapes me. Friend isn't enough. Buddy definitely isn't intimate enough. Sister sounds cliche. Maybe kindred spirit fits.
Kristin and I met in November 1998 and our first excursion together was a square dance. Ha! One of our fondest college memories though.
Our friendship has stretched over states and across streets. It's been long distance and is currently very short distance. We've been single, dating, engaged, married, longing to be a mom, and moms together. Mostly all at the same time of our lives. She's the kind of friend I always needed and didn't have until God planted her in my path in college.
Our personalities are enough alike that we're good at some of the same things and bad at things like change and not getting our way. We can talk about real stuff, scary stuff, God stuff, ordinary stuff, parenting stuff, or not really anything. We cry together, laugh together and play LOTS of games of Settlers together.
For this long friendship I am thankful. I'm glad God has kept us in seasons together and woven our stories together so that each of us is in the other's. It is also a blessing that our husbands are friends, that the 4 of us combined all have friendships with one another and that our kids love each other. That's just going to make the seasons to come even better!


Kristin said...

I like kindred spirits. :) And I'm looking forward to the living the rest of this season and all the seasons to come with you and your family.

And, more immediately, I'm ready for some Settlers! :)

Life as I know it said...

I haven't heard the square dance story! :)