Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nosedive x 2

Norah has taken two nosedives in the last few days. I don't have any photo documentation of these because I would've been a pretty bad mom for running for my camera instead of loving on my girl.

On Thursday, as I was packing in the back room to go to Mom and Dad's, the kids were both standing at the gate in front of the stairs that go down into my bedroom. Luke must've pushed too hard on the gate, and it fell. Both kids landed on top of it on the stairs. I was across the room, so when I heard it and saw what happened, I dashed over. But it was too late, Norah fell off the stairs a couple feet to the hardwood floor. She got a bloody and bruised nose and I felt horrible. I loved on her a while then we left for our trip and I had to check her every so often to make sure she was ok.

Tonight I got a little time to scrapbook while Pup watched the kids. I heard a distressed cry from Norah and then saw Luke coming for us and trying to communicate that Norah needed help. I walked into Luke's room to find Norah mostly in the toy box and totally in a position that she couldn't get out of. Poor Nor.