Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bad Habits? Alzheimers? What the heck???

I've been stressed out the last week or so. With Christmas comes a lot of details for the lady of the house. Buying presents, wrapping presents, decorating, baking... Then there's just the normal stuff of life. Dishes, laundry (much less with Norah on Prevacid:)), diaper changing, potty training, cooking, cleaning, etc. Then there's work - MCF work that I do with the kids around. Mailings, labels, postage, phone calls, records, etc.

When my brain is full of all this stuff, sometimes it leaves out important stuff. Like don't leave your camera in the bottom of a Walmart bag. The screen might break. Or, while you're packing kids' stuff + Christmas presents, don't forget daily pills you take. So on top of taking care of daily stuff, then I have to make time to fix the things I've broke/forgotten/find things I misplaced.

I seriously have to stop sometimes and talk to myself about which details matter. The Alzheimer's comment isn't a joke either. My grandma is suffering from it badly right now and I think it's an awful disease.

Anyway, just some thoughts...