Sunday, August 2, 2009

Night and Day

I've been asked several times if Luke and Norah are like night and day. Usually I answer "No," and talk about ways they are the same. Frankly, there are many similarities AND differences between them.Some of the ways they are undoubtedly brother and sister are they beautiful blue eyes they inherited from their dad. And their curly hair (Luke's to a much greater degree:)). Their laughs are exactly the same and I love that. They both love being outside and are crazy ticklish.Norah is a quiet observer. Luke tries to have conversations with complete strangers. Norah's lip quivers at the slightest tone of disapproval. Luke wouldn't dream of listening the first 3 times he's reprimanded. Norah eats anything and everything. Luke likes what he likes and wants it daily until he's ready to move on. Norah really doesn't care to watch tv unless Luke is watching. Luke would stand inches from the screen all day if I let him. Norah gets her groove on to the smallest melody. Luke knows just about every type of transportation in existence it seems. So, yes, they are like night and day sometimes. But mostly they're just their own little people:)

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Life as I know it said...

I love the way he loves his little sister. And I enjoyed reading your observations of their uniqueness.