Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Dad Would Be Proud...Sort of

This morning I remembered that my car had been making a husky sound when I started her, so I wanted to check her oil. Now, let me explain the sort of part first. My dad would not be proud that once again my car had just about no oil in it. And that it takes me this long to figure it out and fill her up with oil again. But, let me tell you the rest of the story.

So I go to my trunk to get oil (which I do have so that's good) and realize that my broken hood prop isn't in the trunk. It must be somewhere in the garage and I don't want to mess with finding it because I've already got the kids buckled in the car ready to run errands. So I try to let the hood rest of my head while I fill the car up but that doesn't work. Then I decide that maybe Luke can help. (What was I thinking?) He does help me by getting a branch for me to use as a makeshift hood prop. So I proceed to fill the oil, all the while missing the too-small funnel and knowing I have to also clean all that up. I finish and clean up the dirty areas with soap and water and am finally ready to least a half hour later.

There are many places in that story that I think Dad would be proud of. 1) That I had oil. 2) That I made a makeshift hood prop. 3) That I cleaned up the dirty areas with soap and water.

Sidenote: As with most frustrating stories, there was a funny moment. When Luke got out to help me, he must've made the connection between me standing there with the hood up trying to figure something out and a scene from the Transformers movie that has a girl helping with a car. In the movie she says, "Nice headers." So Luke walked up to the open hood and said, "Nice Edwards." Guess that's what he thinks she's saying. He cracks me up!

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mema said...

your dad WOULD be proud and so is your mom! way to go!
and kudos to luke for being so helpful! he really IS his pa's grandson