Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nervous Wreck

Luke has been sick all week. Sunday morning he got sick at Mom and Dad's house, then he's been throwing up every day since. He can't keep any real food down. I think taking care of a throwing up sick kid is the real initiation into parenthood. I realize I'm only 2.5 years into parenthood. I don't mind cleaning up the mess, changing his outfits, comforting him, disinfecting everything, doing laundry constantly, or even trying to explain why he can't have candy when he thinks he feels better. It's that it's so unpredictable. I have to wait around and see what happens. Maybe he'll be ok all day, maybe he won't. It makes me a nervous wreck.

Then, there's the fact that Pup and I have an awesome weekend planned that I'm praying either of us don't get sick for. Mom and Nic are watching the kids while we go to St. Louis for the weekend and see Harry Connick Jr in concert at the Fox Theatre. I can't wait!!! So I'm also nervous that something will happen and we won't be able to go this weekend.

We're on day 4 of being sick and that's a long time to keep a boy like Luke inside. Maybe things will get better today.


Krystal said...

I will definitely be praying for Luke to get better and for you and Pup to stay healthy!

Kiser boys said...

I hope it's over! I hope you get your weekend away!