Thursday, July 30, 2009

It Won't Be Like This For Long...

That's what God told me through a Darius Rucker song yesterday. My helpful neighbor girl Bailey and I got the kids ready to go to Wed. evening Prayer, Praise and Pie at church. Pup wasn't home from work yet and was going to meet us there. Thankfully Bailey wanted something to do so she helped me out with the kids. After we buckled the kids in and I got ready to drive, I listened to what was on the radio. And it was this song. I knew God was telling me something.
It won't be like this for long...
My kids won't be 1 and 3 for long,
I won't be cleaning up poop for long,
I won't feel like I'm negotiating all the time for long,
they won't be at home all day with me for long,

One day I will be able to
go to the bathroom without worrying whether anyone will get hurt in that couple minutes
take as many showers as I want to in a week
leisurely walk through the store
stay seated through an entire meal
afford dinners and vacations
sit through church services and pay attention
and all the while I bet I will look back on THESE very times that won't last long.

I often feel like my life is chaos, not in a bad way, just in an I-can't-possibly-control-everything way. Sometimes I have to stop and remember that it's not really doable to get several things done with them. Sometimes it is, and we can knock out a whole to-do list and all have good attitudes. Sometimes it's not, and the most we can do is re-evaluate the to-do list and only do the essential things like eat dinner and go potty.

Don't get me wrong, Luke and Norah are the best gifts I've ever received. I love them with all my heart, even when I'm cleaning up poop. But they are work:) Constant and demanding, adorable and charming.
Oh, and about that pic up there. I thought it was appropriate because it pretty well depicts life. At VBS, Luke had an accident, I was out of extra clothes for him, so he walked around in a pull-up. Just another day in our world:)


aaron said...

Hootie, you are a wise man.

Kristin said...

That's the song my 30th birthday/Mother's Day video was set to!

MindyE said...

GIrl, you are so on the right track. That is what every momma thinks...and if they don't..something is wrong with them. I love reading your blog becausei t is almost always something that I have been thinking about as well.

Life as I know it said...

Even thought I'm not a mom, I just blogged about some of those very things...
I do enjoy Darius Rucker. :)