Monday, July 20, 2009

Christmas in July

Today my friends Twilla and Hannah brought over some of Hannah's old toys for the kids. Only Norah was awake and she was timid, but after they left and Luke woke up, they started to realize these toys were for them. And they started to argue over them:)

They love the alphabet computer, Mr. Potato Head, books, and collapsible k'nex-like ball. Norah has been able to keep the purses all to herself:) Their favorite thing is the school bus tent.

I put a couple things in the basement so maybe they could have Christmas in another weird month too:)

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Twilla Williams said...

I'm so glad they like them! Wish we could have seen Luke, but so enjoyed seeing Norah! Such a cutie!

I meant to tell you that if you want to give away or sell any of the things, you absolutely will not hurt our feelings.