Saturday, April 11, 2009

An Unexpected New Season

I haven't had much time lately to blog or even be reflective in my own mind because of this season of life. Two kids under 3, two part-time jobs, maintaining the house, a master's class. Very hectic but worth it certainly.

One thing I had taken the time to reflect on was my car vanity. A few weeks ago I started thinking it would be pretty handy to have a van. It takes a very skinny behind to fit between my kids in the backseat, which our neighbor babysitter thankfully has:) Plus, my friends and I want to go places sometimes and have to take multiple vehicles. I tossed the idea around a while then decided I didn't want to drive a minivan. I adore my Altima.

Yesterday I received a text from my husband at 6 something a.m. that said his car had died. This was not a shocker. I was expecting it to sometime - it sounded AWFUL when he pulled in the drive. Anyway, he thought there was a chance it could just be a belt. We knew if it was much more than that it wouldn't be worth fixing. Hours later when he could get it towed and to a mechanic, he found out his engine block had cracked. Yikes. And it would cost $900 to replace the motor. His car definitely wasn't worth it.

Here's my favorite part. The towing cost was $65. They gave us $100 for the car. We made $35 on his car. Wow. That's really something huh?

On to the new season... We went car shopping today with a budget in mind but not really a set idea of what we wanted. That's just not something we've been thinking about. After looking at our options, we decided on an Uplander. We drove it and liked it and had some discussions about whether we were old because we liked it. So, we got a van. Er, I mean, an Uplander, which is a crossover sport van to be exact. And that's exactly what I'll be calling it:)

By the way, going car shopping was amazing for Luke. He had so much fun. He just kept saying, "I wuv it!" He was very happy with our choice.

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