Thursday, March 19, 2009

Second Child Transitions

There are some really neat things I've been noticing about Norah, particularly as her being the second child. Transitions seem to be so much easier. Maybe because when Luke made transitions, they were my first transitions too. Everything was a big deal - like going from bottles to sippy cups, formula to milk, etc. Also, new routines were a big deal. Like starting to brush his teeth everyday.

Now Norah just wants to be a part of everything that's already going on. She's been grabbing her brother's sippy cups for a couple months now. She looks pretty cute in all her smallness with this big cup but that's what she wants! So that bottle to sippy cup transition that took Luke a while is nothing to Norah. With that, when Norah grabs Luke's cup and gets a drink, it's milk and she's good with that. So, another transition down (hopefully. We'll find out really soon b/c we're on our last can of formula!!!:)).

This morning Luke and I were brushing our teeth. I gave Norah her baby toothbrush and she just brushed away with us, happy to be part of what we were doing.

I say all of this while there might be a transition brewing that I'm trying to avoid. I'm not really that good at transitions... Luke's been arguing about his afternoon nap. HOPEFULLY it's because he has a cold and can't breathe when he lays down to sleep. That's what I keep telling myself. I'm not ready for that transition quite yet!

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