Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Chuck E Cheese Experience

Tonight was my first and hopefully last Chuck E Cheese experience. Here are a few quotes from my mouth tonight:

Me to Christi: "Do you think anyone would notice if the girls just went to Olive Garden?"
Me to Kim: "This is hell."
Me to pretty much everyone: "Where's Luke?" (repeated several times to his dad in particular)
Me to Aaron: "This is a mother's nightmare."
Me to pretty much everyone: "What?"
Me to Pup several times: "Are you ready to go yet?"
Me to Nate and Sabrina: "I would be fine never to come back here again."
Me to Aaron: "I don't care how much Luke Ellis begs me to come here, I'm not doing it."

There were some highlights. Like playing Skee Ball and the sketch picture machine. And the fact that Luke called Chuck E Cheese "Chunk n cheese." The most important thing is that Pup had a great time, and it was his birthday we were celebrating.


Life as I know it said...

WHile I had a great time with everyone, I don't think I would go back or take my future children there.

Kiser boys said...

If you go in the middle of the day during the winter, it's much better!