Friday, October 3, 2008

Holding Out

Although Norah has needed to be in her high chair to eat the last few weeks, I've been putting it off. I really didn't want to bring that big chair up and have it taking space in my already toy-ridden house. I'm holding out for a space saver high chair that I saw at Toys r us that will fit on one of my dining room chairs but still give her the comfort of a high chair. In my quest to wait for Christmas, I started using the bouncy seat. That worked well til she started reaching forward like she wanted to sit up more. Then I tried Luke's booster seat but that was too upright and not very comfortable for her. After a few weeks of this, I hauled the high chair up last night and fed her in it this morning. The picture tells the story. She really liked it!

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Life as I know it said...

The highchair has replaced the swing! Wow - she's getting so big.