Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Control Freaks

This is my sister, Nic. She's a taller, skinnier, blonder version of me. We have the same voice and share enough mannerisms that a complete stranger once asked her if she knew me because she was acting like me.

We're not control freaks in the worst sense. But in life's big situations where we're completely out of control (i.e. unemployment of my husband or trouble with having a baby), we take comfort in controlling other things. Like I clean and nest like a maniac. She goes for retail therapy and a new haircut.

We had a good relationship growing up, but it's definitely gotten stronger the last few years. Mostly because we're on the same page. Or, she's just a page behind me and we have a lot in common. God has used my experiences to grow us closer as we share and vent and cry together.

I guess I take having a sister for granted. She's been around for 26 years. But if we lived closer, she'd so be a constant in my life.

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Life as I know it said...

Maybe that's why we get along so well because I am so a control freak too. Especially, like you said, when other areas of my world are so out of my control, I turn to things like laundry or cleaning - things that I and only I can control.

I really enjoyed meeting your sister, by the way. You guys are fun together!