Monday, September 22, 2008

One Selfish Wish

If I had one wish and could be totally selfish with it, it would be to have these men back in my life. From left to right, they are Uncle Charlie, Uncle Derb, Grandpa Barney, and Uncle Max. (that's me being held) Grandpa Barney was a wonderful grandpa who took me strawberry picking, let me eat out of the sugar bowl, gave me quarters when I visited him at the store so I could buy suckers, and just generally showed me off. He knew how to be a grandpa. When he passed away from lung cancer in 1988, my Uncle Derb (great uncle, really) kind of replaced him in a way. Uncle Derb was also really special and knew how to make others feel that way. He went out of his way to make you feel welcome. He was a southern gentleman, and he could cook like it was nobody's business. He too passed away from cancer. That was in 1999. Soon after, Uncle Charlie passed away. Uncle Max passed sometime before Grandpa and I didn't know him really well. Anyway, this probably explains 1) why I despise cigarettes, and 2) why I have a thing for old men. I miss them.


Kristin said...

Sweet reminiscing.

aaron said...

It's hard to miss people you love. I could tell Dad was missing Tom at the Eagles concert, and at the reunion Sunday when we all set up the speakers and mics and played music together. I missed him too.