Monday, September 22, 2008

At the zoo

We finally got to take Luke to the zoo while we were visiting Pup's mom in Louisville last month. I was so looking forward to watching Luke. Let me give you the highlights:

First, the rhinos. Pup was holding Luke and they were watching the rhinos sleep and blow dirt as they breathed. Luke thought that was pretty interesting. But then when they got up, Pup said "Look at their tails," and Luke said, "Butt. Big butt." Indeed, he was correct!

Later we went to the bird area and there was a place where you could go inside, buy some nectar and have lorikeets land on you. Why Pup thought Luke would actually enjoy this I don't know. They went in, but as soon as one of those lorikeets saw that tempting nest of hair on top of Luke's head, it was over. It scared Luke and I had to go rescue him. Pup, however, stayed in and let the birds land all over him.

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