Monday, September 22, 2008

Jeans weather

Anyone who knows me well knows I'm a jeans girl. I love jeans. When I was pregnant, I couldn't wait to get back into normal jeans. When I was a teacher, I longed for Fridays when we could wear jeans and grumbled when we weren't allowed to wear them anymore. When I became a mom, I loved little kid jeans.

So, today, on one of the first cool days since Norah arrived in April, I got to put on her first pair fo jeans. I think she might just be a jeans girl too from that expression on her face!


Life as I know it said...

I love that picture of her! And I'm a jeans girl too. Actually, I think most of mine are too big (YAY!) so I'll have to go jeans-shopping...:)

Hannah said...

Still the sweetest girl... my fave! Missing you! Let's hang out soon!