Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Truck of the Week - a summary

Well, I've fallen short of keeping up with the blog, so I wanted to catch up

Truck of the week - June 28th - metal Tonka dumptruck

Seems indestructible and we'd seen one at the church retreat that another little guy had brought. I got it at a yard sale despite Kim's advice against getting it. Sorry Kim, this one was just too cool.

Truck of the week - July 5th - actually, it's a motorcycle
We spent most of the week visiting Mom and Dad's. Luke wanted to see the motorcycle Dad keeps on a high shelf. He didn't part with it very often the whole week.

Truck of the week - July 12th - a fire truck given to him by the neighbors who were getting rid of toys their grandkids no longer wanted

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Holly said...

He must think about trucks ALL the time because in the last picture it looks like he's just woke up and guess what? He's playing with a truck! :) It must make gift-buying easy - you never have to wonder what he'd like to have.