Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tales of Potty Training

Well, I admit that I haven't read enough books about the subject, but we're trying to potty-train Luke. I think there will be plenty to blog about on this subject alone.

I'll start with Luke's first impression of the potty. He was drawn to the soft cushion he should sit on and thought it would be better used as a steering wheel. I should've seen that coming.
A few weeks ago, Luke did go potty on his potty. It was great! We praised him and rewarded him. Here's Pup giving him a few "new" trucks for his accomplishment. (I bought a bag of trucks from Weeruns for $3 to use as rewards when potty-training came.)
Yesterday he woke up dry so I took him to his potty while I got ready, hoping we could chat and he'd forget any pressure to go potty. He had some trucks in there and was sitting on his potty waiting. When he got up to get a truck, he ended up peeing all over the bathroom. Oh well, practice makes perfect. We'll keep practicing.

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Holly said...

Hey, he peed in the bathroom so that's progress. :) I've been working on getting Josey to use the "big-girl" potty. Changing those diapers is just...unpleasant and wrong considering her age.