Saturday, July 12, 2008

"Night Night Moon"

Reading Goodnight Moon at bedtime has become one of the parts of the day that I don't want to miss. I started reading that book to Luke a couple months ago, and it soon became his requested book at bedtime. After we read the book, we lay there and say "Night, night _______," filling in the blank with every person's name and word in his vocabulary.
One night as I was tucking him in I got an important text about one of our friends, so I was sitting on his bed texting and calling our friends to ask for prayer about the situation. Luke was patiently waiting for me with Goodnight Moon. While I was talking I noticed him "reading" it to himself. He'd say the right words on the right pages, like "Night night stars" on the star page and "Night night mittens" on the mitten page. It was so cute. A teacher-mom heart melted:)

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Tuck Times Two said...

aahhh... A teacher mom's delight. You need to tell Holly B. about this. A reading teacher's greatest joy!!!