Monday, May 18, 2009


The other day I drew out hopscotch for Luke to play on. Jamie inspired me with sidewalk chalk fun at cell group the other night.
Today when we were playing outside, Luke was looking around and asked, "Where's our jump?" It took me a minute to translate that. He wondered where the hopscotch had gone. So we had some more fun with the chalk. Norah enjoyed eating the chalk - not good.
Then I drew out some circles and numbered them for him to hop on. He wanted his birthday number, so I went to 12. Then he wanted Daddy's number so I made circles up to 16. As soon as I made the 13, he looked at it from the side and thought I made the McDonald's arch. Wow, he really is my kid:)

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Faith said...


I am so glad you told me about your site. I will read it regulary. Since I haven't been in contact with you since you had your children, it was nice to browse through all of the entries and look at the pictures. You have a beautiful family!