Monday, June 23, 2008

Truck of the Day

Many of you know that Luke is obsessed with trucks. And has been for months now. Well, really anything with wheels. The truck of the day is the Tonka ambulance I picked up for him at a yard sale last Saturday. That's the best fifty cents I've spent in a long time. He hasn't let it out of his sight since I brought it home. It's been to August Moon, Brian's party at the Walls', all over the yard, and most certainly to bed with him. I had to bribe him with a sucker to not take it to church Sunday. It would've been ok to take if he hadn't found the switch on the bottom that lets it make noise. I just didn't think the speaker on Sunday needed to be interrupted with "Emergency on the bridge!" during the service. Nobody would've been too surprised though.


Kristin said...

It wouldn't have been as crazy as the real ambulance that showed up in March! :)

Holly said...

I was just gonna say, but aren't there real ambulances that show up at church?

Krystal said...

Yes...I was actually down in Murray and was at the church the day the ambulance came! It made for a distracting service! HaHa

Jenny Coombs said...

He was cracking me up with that ambulance! We had so much fun hanging out with you guys a couple of weekends ago. Thanks for letting us stay with you.

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