Thursday, June 26, 2008

Big Buddies

It's my pleasure to "watch" Denise's 9-yr-old son Logan sometimes when she works. I put that in quotes because he's really more help to me than anything else. I can always use an extra pair of hands (and eyes and ears as well).

Today as we were driving around running errands, Logan said, "I'd like to live with Luke. We really have a lot in common." Very funny to me coming from a 9-yr-old about a 2-yr-old, but they are big buddies.

I must confess that selfishly I like hanging out with Logan because I miss the 9-yr-olds I used to teach. I truly love that age. They're funny and independent, fun to talk to, and full of observations and ideas.

Thanks to Denise for always obliging when I ask her to take my camera and get some pictures when they're out doing something fun!


Tuck Times Two said...

They look so cute together. I have a blog too! Not too much to write about for now... no cute kiddos yet.

Carly said...

Jac, thanks for blogging... I'm sitting on my blow-up mattress thinking about tommorow(the truck comes) and I got a good laugh out of your stories... So thanks!