Sunday, May 15, 2011

Army Wives v. Jesus' Bride

Thanks to my mom's recommendation, I tried out the show Army Wives on Netflix. I really like to watch a tv series from the very beginning. It only took one episode and I really liked it-couldn't even pick a favorite character I liked it so much. And boy am I thankful since I'm spending a lot more time on my couch as I recover from neck surgery.

The main characters of Army Wives share friendship, sadnesses, joys, drinks, dinners, and lots of life experiences that normal people have. They are a tight-knit group that most would envy. I would've envied it fifteen years ago.

As I get emotionally involved in the lives of my "friends" on Army Wives, it's hard not to notice their closeness but also their dedication to their country. When they are having hard times, they rely on themselves. That's where the difference lies.

My friends and I share friendship, sadnesses, joys, drinks from Sonic:), dinners and lots of life experiences. But the main thread that keeps us sewn together isn't our country, it's our Maker. Our Savior. the One who brought us together. And for that Common Thread I will forever be thankful. He has put the most amazing friends in my life, brothers and sisters that mean the world to me.

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