Monday, March 1, 2010

Sore Throat...Ugh!

I've been dealing with a very sore throat for over a week now. Four days of last week found me almost voiceless. Talking hurt. Swallowing hurt. Since the rest of my family was sick and had tested negatively for strep, I figured I shouldn't bother getting tested. By day 5 or 6 without getting good sleep, I got frustrated and decided it was time to take care of myself. I tried a couple medicines but they weren't very effective. So last night I went to see our doctor friend at 9 at night and he wrote me a prescription. I slept last night. Slept hard. Drooled. Snored loudly apparently. That's what I needed.

I shouldn't have been too surprised at this sickness. With each of my other pregnancies, I have gotten terrible sinus infections. The one I had while pregnant with Luke was so bad I still vividly remember it. I guess I was waiting for that and the sore throat caught me off guard.

All this to say, I learned something while I was quietly suffering every swallow. Pretty much every comment I had didn't REALLY need to be said. Yes, it was difficult not being able to talk to the kids, to encourage them or tell them I knew what they meant. But when it came to talking with my husband, I would think about whether the comment was worth the pain of talking and usually decided it wasn't. It's humbling to think that most of what I say isn't that important. It reminds me of the verses in Proverbs about keeping your mouth shut and the ones in James about listening first, then speaking. I'd like to not have to learn this lesson again:)

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