Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Movie Review

When Kim mentioned that she wanted to go see the movie Valentine's Day, I hesitantly agreed. For some reason I wasn't excited about Valentine's day this year. I pretty much don't get excited about that "holiday," but had kinda gotten into it while I was a teacher. Just about the best day in my elementary classroom always surprised me as Valentine's day. The kids were so sweet.

This year I didn't really feel great that week and couldn't muster up the energy to let the kids make cute boxes to take to a friend's party. My heart just wasn't in it, no pun intended;) I felt overwhelmed - What should I get Bryan? I want Luke to get something for Norah and her to get something for him, and us to give them something... All for this very small holiday to me. Plus, money was tight. So, I felt a bit like a party pooper, but we all still had a good day.

Anyway, Kim and I went because I'm pretty much always good with going out to a movie. I was so pleasantly surprised, really actually shocked how much I liked the movie. I thought all the famous people would just have these bit parts and only show up for 30 seconds or something. (Don't ask about the Morgan Freeman movie Kristin and I picked out once...). All the famous people had plots. At first I thought it was going to be depressing when I realized half the relationships were adulterous or hiding something. But it redeemed itself as teenagers made responsible decisions and people flew 14 hours to show their love and others were generous.

One more thing. I think Jennifer Garner is my new favorite actress. Sandra Bullock has held that spot for me for a long time, but something about Garner is so genuine and real. I really like her.

Last thing, really. The Pretty Woman reference was excellent, and I'm glad I'm old enough to get it:) Happy Birthday week to me!


Life as I know it said...

We were going to see that recently but Katie gave it a bad review. :( Now you're making me rethink my decision.

Kristin said...

Jennifer Garner has been on my list of favorites for awhile now. I think she and I would be friends.