Tuesday, September 8, 2009


My idea of a perfect vacation is the beach. When we looked over our money and decided to cancel our beach trip with the kids, I was bummed but got over it. Taking two toddlers to the beach wouldn't be a relaxing vacation but I was looking forward to watching them enjoy the beach. Little did I know that Pup thought I should still get to go to the beach, so he arranged for some advance Christmas money and planned for me and two girlfriends to take a beach trip.

One of the best parts of the whole thing for me was that I didn't have to plan it, worry about money or always be thinking two steps ahead to what needed done next. The beauty of it all was summed up for me when I agreed with the girls to go in and get ready for supper and said, "I'm getting cold, and my butt is totally asleep." They said, "You never sit down long enough for your butt to sleep." True.

We leisurely shopped, at shops we could never afford, and many that we could. We enjoyed nice dinners of seafood and steak, and no one needed me to stop in the middle for me to help them in the potty:) We slept and read and played in the waves. It was a true vacation for me. Thanks Pup!!!


Hannah said...

Your vacation is a true testament to the fact the moms (and dads, too, when they can) need time to themselves (and/or with other adults). I have no doubt you have returned to KY renewed, relaxed and refreshed... three things that make an even GREATER mom!! Good for you! (And good for Pup for planning it!!)

Kiser boys said...

That is so awesome! I am happy you go to do that...and jealous too :)