Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fun onesies

I've discussed with Kristin before that I think moms dress their kids like they like to dress. For instance, with Norah, I made it quite clear before she was here that I liked pink but not enough to dress her in it everyday, paint her room that color, and immerse my life in pink. The message must've gotten out because Norah got lots of cute, bright, colorful clothes at the shower. Not lacey, frilly, girly stuff. Another way that I dress my kids like myself is with shirts that say funny things.

Here's Norah's newest cute onesie. It says "I make chunky thighs look good." Well, her thighs aren't TOO chunky yet, but they will be.

My boy, the Destructor

Luke has quite a reputation at MCF. Ever since he started moving around, he was into everything. He's broken lamps, nearly crashed computers, fallen into the bathtub fish aquarium, and basically gotten into more trouble than I can describe here. Brian nicknamed him Destructor, and it's stuck. Here it is on his new little MCF shirt.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

At the Lake

The lake felt like bath water in mid-July. We met Holly and some of her friends out there to cook out and play in the lake. Again, Luke's shark float came in handy. And Norah had her first water outing in her swimsuit. Doesn't she look like she's posing???


Pup and I heard about "stay-cations" on NPR one day. Since gas prices are so high, people are finding vacation destinations closer to home. For those of us around here, Kentucky Lake can be a little vacation not so far from home. Hence the phrase "stay-cation."

One way we've been stay-cationing this summer is by going to Bridget's pool. She's made is quite clear since day one that we're welcome out there anytime. Last year was a bit difficult with a one-year-old walking around.

This year though, Luke has this awesome shark float. He loves playing in the water. Depending on where Norah is in her routine, she naps or swims with me (sometimes she skinnydips:)). Either way, it's been a wonderful way to play outside on these hot & humid days!

"Feed Nor"

I'm proud of how well Luke has handled getting a sister. He's had moments, but he is two, so I expected that.
He's great about giving Norah kisses and wanting to hold her. The other day, as I was getting ready to feed Norah in her bouncy seat, Luke said, "Feed Nor." I thought to myself, "This will last about a minute." But he really meant it. He got her spoonfuls of rice cereal, fed them to her, and then said, "Good girl, Nor." It was so sweet!
Then, when we were taking a walk this week, Luke and Norah shared the double stroller with Luke in the back. When Norah started getting fussy, he took her bottle from the cupholder and fed her for a little bit. Quite helpful! I think things will start changing soon as she gets mobile and takes his trucks. That's sacred territory for him:)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Your brother, your biggest fan

Dear Norah,
We had the sweetest moment the other day. Your brother and I were in the kitchen getting something to eat, and when I looked in the living room to check on you on the floor, I found you a different way than I'd left you. You'd rolled over!
I immediately started cheering and looked over to see your brother clapping and cheering too. As you struggled to roll over again, getting stuck on your arm, I had to hold Luke on my lap so he wouldn't help you and you could learn to do it yourself. He was genuinely excited for you. What a sweet brother you have! I hope you are each other's biggest fans.