Saturday, August 23, 2008


Pup and I heard about "stay-cations" on NPR one day. Since gas prices are so high, people are finding vacation destinations closer to home. For those of us around here, Kentucky Lake can be a little vacation not so far from home. Hence the phrase "stay-cation."

One way we've been stay-cationing this summer is by going to Bridget's pool. She's made is quite clear since day one that we're welcome out there anytime. Last year was a bit difficult with a one-year-old walking around.

This year though, Luke has this awesome shark float. He loves playing in the water. Depending on where Norah is in her routine, she naps or swims with me (sometimes she skinnydips:)). Either way, it's been a wonderful way to play outside on these hot & humid days!

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