Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween Redeemed

As you know I've been venting about my traumatic Halloween experiences. As soon as I declared that I'm 30 and don't ever have to do anything I don't want to do again on Halloween, I find myself willing to dress up. For my kids.
Luke really redeemed Halloween for me this year. I need to get over this humiliation I experienced in middle school, be thankful I
have genuine friends now, and enjoy this holiday with my kiddos.

We tried going to Trail of Treats on the 30th, but the line at the park was a couple blocks long and that wasn't worth it. Our friends Sarah and Pierson were with us and this was going to be Pierson's only trick-or-treating experience b/c they had weekend plans. So I called up a couple neighbors and we practice trick-or-treated at their houses. Watching the boys walk up the sidewalk to the porches of our neighbors was so cute. They really got the hang of this candy business.
We also had a blast at Kristin's non-costume party:) That really is the way to go!

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