Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Own Little Linus

Luke was in his first Christmas program this weekend. It was the Christmas story, complete with Joseph, Mary, shepherds, angels and wise men. At practice yesterday, Luke fussed and threw a fit because he didn't like his burlap costume. I finally ended up getting him to cooperate somewhat by bribing him with a Hot Wheels when we went to the store later. I wasn't sure how the actual performance was going to go.

Luckily, Luke's friend Logan wanted to come see the program, so Luke was really excited about that. And we told him Logan could come over and play for a while after the program if he cooperated. It totally worked. He wore his costume and carried his bunny and a car for security:) He could've been cast as a statue. He barely moved the entire time. After the performance, people asked me if we had drugged him!

He did a great job. Later when I was cleaning the play room, I overheard Lucy say to Linus on "A Charlie Brown Christmas" - "...and what kind of shepherd has a stupid blanket?!" Ours did:)

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