Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Little Pepsi Man

This morning Luke casually said, "I miss Daddy. I want him to come home from Pepsi."
I thought Pup would appreciate that so I texted him and told him. He called me and said that he had to go out to the Expo Center to fill up machines but there wasn't much work to do out there. He said that Luke could go out there with him for a little bit.

Meanwhile, I told Luke he was going out to help Daddy at Pepsi. He said, "Do I need to wear a Pepsi shirt?" So I found him a navy fleece like Pup's navy Pepsi fleece.

I dropped Luke off at the Expo Center with Luke and he and his daddy worked together for a while. They looked so cute walking together in their navy jackets, Luke just chatting away.

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