Monday, June 15, 2009

Nagging Thoughts

Often I am overwhelmed by the community that we have here in Murray. I love our church and the people I've become very close to. I've finally learned that real intimacy happens when you open up to people and let them see the real you. The you that has flaws and issues and gets in a bad mood when she doesn't get her way. The you that's obsessed with chocolate and Coke and misses the way things used to be.

Ugly thoughts are nagging at the back of my mind today. Like do I really know the people that I think I do? That makes my heart heavy. I hope I do. Today I'm missing my friend I thought I knew so well. A friend that maybe I do know but am wondering about lately. A friend that I've enjoyed my favorite things with - the beach, scrapbooking, and sharing my sweet kids. I sure hope things get better soon.

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Tuck Times Two said...

oh... your thoughts make me sad!!! I hope things get better soon.

I certainly miss you mucho right now... I hope to bring Claire to Murray next week and get in some Mommy time with you and Hannah; now that I am in the "Club."

Miss and love you!!!!!