Friday, November 21, 2008

Come Back Here!

Not much explanation needed here. Norah was playing with Luke in his "Farmer Jed barn" (a barn made of foam tiles) and decided that Superman nearby looked more appealing. Apparently Luke wanted her to stay and play with him so he grabbed her by the diaper. But she just kept crawling. It didn't bother her one bit to have her buns hanging out for all the world to see:) Oh, and I forgot to mention the giggles that we heard from inside the barn as Norah tried to crawl away. Luke thought he was pretty funny.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Asleep Standing Up

On a day when I'm feeling exhausted by 10 am, leave it to Luke to crack me up. We finished lunch and he was watching Fievel Goes West. Naptime was approaching quickly and he asked for his Bunny and baa (paci). We went into his room to get them and had a short discussion about how he could watch his movie a "wittle wonger" (little longer), then he was going to take a nap.

I went back to the computer and he went back to Fievel. A few minutes later, I turned around to find him as he looks in this picture. Asleep! One leg hiked up on the couch. And he was gone. The funniest part is that he's fallen asleep this way once before!

Friday, November 7, 2008


I haven't had any updates on the potty training situation b/c I was giving it a month or so. Luke didn't seem ready and I wasn't able to figure out how to give this the attention it needed. Anyway, I stumbled across the toddler version of my favorite baby book author and knew she'd be able to give me the guidance I needed. And I realized this potty training business is a lot of training for parents too. After I read to take your kid to the potty about 15 min. after he's had something to drink, I thought I could get a handle on this.

So equipped with the potty, a sticker chart (yaaay for being a teacher!), and candy treats, we gave this another go. And Luke's earned 5 stickers for the week! Here are a couple stories.

The other night Bryan put Luke on the potty and then came to the kitchen to talk to me for a minute. We heard Luke say very excitedly, "Daddy! Come here!" and hoped he had done something in the potty. But no, he found a car in the magazine he wanted to show his daddy.

The next day I put him on the potty before suppertime and then went to the kitchen to do something. As I was piddling around, I heard Luke exclaim, "Chocolate!" I knew what he'd done. Sure enough, he had done something in his potty! Thank God he didn't think it looked tasty:)

So he got all his stickers this week and we went to the library and picked out some books and movies. Yaaay for free rewards;)

Oh well, maybe next time.

Halloween Redeemed

As you know I've been venting about my traumatic Halloween experiences. As soon as I declared that I'm 30 and don't ever have to do anything I don't want to do again on Halloween, I find myself willing to dress up. For my kids.
Luke really redeemed Halloween for me this year. I need to get over this humiliation I experienced in middle school, be thankful I
have genuine friends now, and enjoy this holiday with my kiddos.

We tried going to Trail of Treats on the 30th, but the line at the park was a couple blocks long and that wasn't worth it. Our friends Sarah and Pierson were with us and this was going to be Pierson's only trick-or-treating experience b/c they had weekend plans. So I called up a couple neighbors and we practice trick-or-treated at their houses. Watching the boys walk up the sidewalk to the porches of our neighbors was so cute. They really got the hang of this candy business.
We also had a blast at Kristin's non-costume party:) That really is the way to go!