Thursday, June 26, 2008

Big Buddies

It's my pleasure to "watch" Denise's 9-yr-old son Logan sometimes when she works. I put that in quotes because he's really more help to me than anything else. I can always use an extra pair of hands (and eyes and ears as well).

Today as we were driving around running errands, Logan said, "I'd like to live with Luke. We really have a lot in common." Very funny to me coming from a 9-yr-old about a 2-yr-old, but they are big buddies.

I must confess that selfishly I like hanging out with Logan because I miss the 9-yr-olds I used to teach. I truly love that age. They're funny and independent, fun to talk to, and full of observations and ideas.

Thanks to Denise for always obliging when I ask her to take my camera and get some pictures when they're out doing something fun!


Well, it's taken me ten weeks, but I'm finally getting into this having a baby girl thing. Before now, I was quite into the boy thing, trucks, cars, dirt, etc. and loved it. I hoped my girl wouldn't be a girly girl, but then how could she really be with me as her mom? (I may eat those words later, I know). Also, it's taken me quite a while to get into a groove with two little ones, and playing dress-up just wasn't a good way to spend our time.

Now things have settled and Norah's getting bigger and she looks fabulous in dresses. She has a green one from our friends Tammy and Rich that looks so pretty and comfy on her. I adore those little bottoms that come with dresses. I don't know why that's my favorite part, but it is. Today she had on another pretty dress that Denise got her in the great Walmart escapade a few days ago.

It's really cool to have the best of both worlds - a rough & tumble boy and a cuddly sweet girl.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Half-naked at Walmart

I was kind of bummed that I didn't have a blogworthy story for today since I'm trying so hard to keep up with blogging. On the way to Bible study as I was telling Kristin about Luke's afternoon, I soon realized there was plenty to blog about.

Luke spent the day with Denise (my friend from Murray Elementary), her 9-yr-old son Logan, and their neighbor girls Abby & Tiffany. Denise is kind of like a local grandma for the kids. She's crazy about them and they love her too. Anyway, when Denise brought Luke home after a few hours of playing, he was accompanied by a Walmart bag full of new clothes. Apparently he stepped in a grease pan in her backyard and ruined his outfit. So she took him into Walmart in only his diaper and dressed him with new clothes right then and there.

So for a very short time, my kid was THAT kid at Walmart - the dirt kid with greasy hair in only a diaper. Wow. And I thought I had no story for today:)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Truck of the Day

Many of you know that Luke is obsessed with trucks. And has been for months now. Well, really anything with wheels. The truck of the day is the Tonka ambulance I picked up for him at a yard sale last Saturday. That's the best fifty cents I've spent in a long time. He hasn't let it out of his sight since I brought it home. It's been to August Moon, Brian's party at the Walls', all over the yard, and most certainly to bed with him. I had to bribe him with a sucker to not take it to church Sunday. It would've been ok to take if he hadn't found the switch on the bottom that lets it make noise. I just didn't think the speaker on Sunday needed to be interrupted with "Emergency on the bridge!" during the service. Nobody would've been too surprised though.

I was right:)

Well, apparently I was right a year ago when I said I didn't think I'd be very consistent on this blogging thing. Almost an entire year has gone by and I've done nothing. I think I'm ready this time. We'll see...
I started a post last night that got lost but it was about how I was feeling lonely even though I was at home with my whole family. It didn't seem like a lazy Sunday where we all hang out. Everyone was doing their own thing and that would be fine if I were doing something fun but I wasn't. I was taking care of the kids and doing chores like it was a weekday. Anyway, today is a new day.
Here's a story for you. The other day I left Norah on the couch and when I came back, she had quite orange lips. Her brother was hovering over her with a cheese puff. I told him she couldn't eat those yet, but he was trying to share. You can see in the pictures that she's definitely surprised! I think she liked it:)